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F. A.Q

Here are answers to questions you may have:

You must be at least 21 years old and have your license for over a year. These conditions can vary depending on the selected car . Une option jeune conducteur est obligatoire pour conducteur principal ou supplémentaire âgé de moins de 25 ans et ou pour un permis de moins de 3 ans.
Vous devrez présenter une pièce d\’identité, votre permis de conduire, ainsi qu\'une carte bancaire à votre nom pour effectuer la pré autorisation pour le dépôt de garantie.
The rental day means a period of 24 hours. The tenant agrees to return the vehicle with keys and administrative titles instead , the date and time specified in the lease.
Pre-authorize credit card will be made in the drafting of the contract. It is mandatory for vehicle delivery . Remember to check or increase your ceiling to allow the validation of this compulsory transaction. This deposit is intended to cover the damage suffered by the renter. This amount will not be charged to your card but only blocked on your account until the end of the rental.
Yes, the rental payment may be made by another person when the deposit must be made by the lessee of the vehicle.
No. The presentation of the permit is required . Photocopies (even certified as)are not accepted.
The credit card payments are accepted view payment .
You can cancel your booking cancellation will be done under some circumstances, see terms and conditions .
You can modify the duration of your contract during the rental by going with the vehicle to the Cargo Martinique agency. You will also need to check the vehicle and pay for the additional rental.
In case of loss or damage of keys , towing charges , the burglar reset delivery are the responsibility of the tenant, whatever the form of insurance purchased .
Vehicles must be returned in a state of cleanliness identical to the care. Any vehicle returned excessively dirty, a lump sum from 30€ will be charged for participation in the cleaning.
The vehicle must be returned with a fuel level identical to that of the pick-up. You will be charged a surcharge in addition to the missing fuel.
Nous vous conseillons de vérifier que l\'état du véhicule qui vous a été confié est conforme au document Fiche d\’état remis en même temps que le contrat. Si vous constatez un défaut ou un choc non mentionné, prévenez le personnel en agence avant de prendre la route.
Oui, Vous pouvez souscrire des compléments d\’assurance à la réservation en ligne ou à l\’agence.